"How Are Your Survival Skills"

What If You Had To Make The Decisions...

What would you do if you awoke to your home engulfed in a raging fire?

What would you do if you were the first one on the scene of a bad car accident?

What would you do if your home was directly in the crosshairs of a tornado?

What would you do if you found a child drowning?

Would You Be A Hero...OR
Would You Be Holding A Dead Child?

Dear Friend,

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and like you...I often wonder about the possibilities. What events may unfold that we have no control over? Events happen sometimes that can change the way we feel about ourselves in an instant!

Let me tell you about a time when exactly that...happened to me! A time that changed my life forever!

I am a Private Pilot and this is an actual account of a time when an unexpected event could have killed me and a very good friend of mine in a plane crash.

"A Mechanical Failure!"

We were out just enjoying ourselves, flying around the heavens. It was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining brightly and we were just soaking up all of the beauty beneath us when it happened...A freak fuel line break. I could smell the gasoline and watch as the fuel gauge started to deplete quickly. We were going to fall out of the sky very soon.In a split second...time was against us, and we found ourselves in a survival situation!

Both of our lives were instantly placed in danger, and NO FAULT of our own because of that fuel line break. We were running out of gas and running out of time! If not for quick thinking and previously practiced emergency scenarios we may have easily lost our lives.

Needless to say...we made it, but I will never forget the feeling I had.

"Everything seemed to be in slow motion and I had to force myself to stay calm and not panic...My reaction was immediate and clear because...

Training and Preparation Was The Key To Our Survival

For me...that day happened pretty early in life (the day when I thought about myself differently ) and since that day I have devoted part of my life to helping others prepare for the day when disaster strikes, BECAUSE IT CAN HAPPEN IN AN INSTANT! A day like mine may come into your life when, your perception of taking life for granted is over, and a new reality of how short life can be and how it can be snuffed out, in a blink of an eye.. replaces it!

I am not a fanatic by any means,

Just an average person like you, that wants to keep his family safe...
should something out of my control threaten them!


You have probably spent some time trying to find accurate information on predictable events that are going to happen in the near future that may affect you and your family!

What did you find? What kind of non-scense have you read?

Is it all propaganda! Well let's Find Out!


WHAT IF: The Earths Magnertic Poles Reversed melting the polar ice caps, and causing planetary flooding on a global scale!

WHAT IF: The Planets In The Solar System Align with the center of the Milky Way on Dec.21, 2012 (WHICH THEY WILL DO) and cause the sun to discharge huge amounts of radiation towards Earth called Solar Storms and disrupt all communications and power grids sending the world into darkness and panic!

WHAT IF: Planet X
Collided With The Earth! This unlikely impact is said to be the END OF THE WORLD, But Some Would Survive! Will it be you?

WHAT IF: Bigger Storms with much more power and devestation caused huge Earthquakes, Tornados and Tsunamis!(Which we have seen with our own eyes already)

WHAT IF: Volcano Eruptions caused catastrophic atmospheric conditions that sent us into a short global ice age!

WHAT IF: A Nuclear War were starting by a rouge country and other nations had no choice but to retaliate!

You’ve probably read or heard news reports about all of these predictions.But what are they really?

Just predictions...or is there some truth behind all of it and what else is going on?

Unless you have been living in a cave, you have had to 'NO-DOUBT' noticed that there is an overall public awareness that something BIG is about to happen?
Take a look at all of the subjects that are fast becoming the

"Top Searched Subjects On Google"

"purification of the world"

"new world order "

"most important resourcesin the New World"

"predictions made by Nostradomis" and others from thousands of years ago.
Does this prove that 2012 will be the start of the most catastrophic events and natural disasters that the world has ever witnessed?

"Pope" and the "ends of time"and is he involved in creating this New World Order, and if so...Will I be able to separate the truth from his lies?

"safest areas of the world in the end times"

You can easily add to the list above, but did you know that thousands of lives are saved because someone took control and was prepared!


Hundreds were saved during Hurricane Katrina, the Mt.St.Helen eruption and the California fires. It happens all over the world with FREAK Storms and natural disasters like Earthquakes and Tornados, because someone knew exactly what to do!

Now That Someone Will Be You!

You will know exactly what to do in a raging house fire!

You will not starve to death by
accidently getting lost in the wilderness while camping!

You will not fear the unknown!

You will not live with the guilt of someone perishing, because...
you will know how to help and give aid!

You will not feel afraid when a natural disaster occurs!

You will not worry about being able to protect your most precious possesion...
Your Family!

You will be one of those families that survive!

"It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.
It's A Choice "
William J. Deming (1900 – 1993)


Introducing “The Ultimate Survival Skills Guide”
By Craig Stringham and Pete Lawson


About The Authors:

Craig Stringham-Superior Private Pilot
He’s flown over very islolated terrain and large bodies of water more times than you’ve had hot dinners. His survival skills have been introduced before hundreds of thousands of people, online and at pilot-passenger safety seminars. And now for the first time ever you have the rare opportunity to get the same methods Craig teaches and uses his self to ensure, that every passenger he takes to the sky, returns home safely…

Pete Lawson-Decorated Military Veteran
His many years of military experience and extensive survival training are an explosive addition.He offers top tips and lazer insight that the average person can take advantage of. His explanations of 'the basic' survival skills needed to ensure "a successful outcome' in whatever situation you may find yourself in... are easy to understand!These contributions make this survival guide a priceless must have and one of the reasons why it is so popular today...

Here Are Just A Few Of The Life Saving Secrets Inside USSG
(The Ultimate Survival Skills Guide)

Starting fires and finding water

Shelter diagrams

Trapping devices for attaining food made from what is around you

Food preservation

Plants are more than food...they are first aid too!-with photos

Obtaining weapons and ammunitions

When cells phones fail, try it our way

We Could List All Of The Secrets Inside
(262 pages of field tested life saving skills)

But here is 1 example of the many, many secrets inside USSG:

An "ordinary trash bag" can collect gallons of fresh water for you! (without it raining) So don't leave it out of your survival kit! You will now become one of the few who know this secret!

Large leafy green trees provide 100's of gallons of water per day through a process known as 'transpiration'.We just do not see it because of 'evaporation'!

How To Collect It: Insert a large (green) leafy tree limb inside of the trash bag.
(Be Sure To Leave The Branch Attatched To The Tree, You Would Be Amazed ... )
Then secure the opening of the trash bag tightly to the limb with the leafy branch inside the trash bag. This stops the evaporation process. Now leave it alone throughout the rest of the day and night. (approx.10-14 hrs.) When you remove the trash bag from the limb you will find a tasty treat for your thirst inside!

There are so many nuances to survive a situation, and all them are simple common sense . But if you don't know them...you might be left floundering about in real time wishing you had prepared for the situation you have just found yourself in!

We Have Them All In The
"Ultimate Survival Skills Guide"


You Are Almost Ready To..

Become physically and mentally fit for survival!

Filter water and air!

Learn the signs to start preparing for your families safety!

See the detailed plans!

And Much More That You Expect!




FREE First Aid Guide

"Ultimate Survival Skills Guide"
Written From Experience and Love For Family

Copies Are Still AVAILABLE In Digital Format


Comes With  Our "60 Day" "No Quibbles" Money Back Guarantee!

P.S. You get over 260 pages of Awesome Life Saving Information!
P.S.S. It is our privelage to offer such a popular and indepth survival publication.
We are so sure that you are going to love it as much as we loved making it that...
We put our name and our GUARANTEE behind it!
Craig And Pete
Real Survival Specialists

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You will need WINZIP to unzip this and ADOBE READER to view it.


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